Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Impact of Technology

I never realized that the absence of technology could leave such a huge difference, at least on a personal account. I haven't had a mobile phone since last night. No internet access at home either. And i feel damn lost and disconnected to the world. I wanted so much to send a message to my family. I wanted to call each one of them. But how do I do it? My mobile phone does not work at the moment. Simply because I could not refuse to lend my ever-dependable mobile phone battery to my fiance whose battery pack does not seem to work on his mobile.

Alright, I admit I must be overacting. Been without the communication tools for barely a day and will be back to my old self again tomorrow. I will get a new phone.

Now, why am I still ranting about?

This experience suggested a topic for this blog which I haven't updated in a long time: the impact of technology to students.

Technology has undoubtedly changed bot teaching and learning. It has offered students so much. It provided students with new and different types of information. It allowed students to go through significantly richer experiences. These days, for example, students can now collect and graph real-time weather, environmental, and populations data from their community. These students can now use data gathered in creating color maps and graphs and compare these maps to others created by students in other communities. Technology has opened opportunities to see actual body activities such as blood flow. It allowed students to witness the process of oxygen entering the bloodstream. It also helped students understand better the effects of increased pulse or cholesterol-filled arteries on blood flow.

In effect, technology generates impressive results for students. It has dramatically improved achievement, and test scores; it has improved student's attitude, enthusiasm, and engagement; it has enriched classroom content; and has improved student retention and job placement rates.