Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hong Thai Travels

The Philippines had yet another worldwide publicity stint when a dismissed policeman hijacked a tourist bus carrying Hong Kong and Chinese nationals sometime before 11am of Monday, August 23. The hostage crisis lasted for more than 12 hours and ended up in a gruesome death of at least ten people including the hostage taker, Rolando Mendoza who was then about to retire on January 2011.

The Philippines had all the attention not just from media personalities but from people of all walks of life. A large number of people waited for the aftermath of the hostage drama, only to found out that a sniper had already hit the hostage and that some of the tourists have already been killed.

Now, what does this have to say about our country? That we have such stupid police officers like Rolando Mendoza, be-medalled and once cited as one of the top cops in the country? The situation only worsened our image as a country.

Hong Kong, in effect, has blacklisted the Philippines as a tourist destination and has even encouraged its people who are still in the Philippines to immediately leave and be extra cautious. China is demanding answers and explanations from the Philippine government now. Some Hong Kong newspapers have also released statements encouraging people to avoid Philippines . China also issued the same warning to its people.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

How to Design Your Baby Girl's Room

Pick up a theme. Some of the most popular girl room's theme include angels and princesses. There are also those that mimic Barbie houses. Still others choose celestial designs and floral arts for a more contemporary appeal. Rooms that feature celestial designs strikes resemblance to the universe and are usually studded with radium stars, moons and other celestial bodies. Garden-themed rooms feature beautiful flowers.

Choose an interior color. A baby girl's room is usually painted pink. Others however, find this color very common and would choose hues of lavender, muted green, peach, plum,or sky colors. If you want to create princess-inspired rooms for your baby girl, paint the room with orange, crimson, magenta, turquoise, red, yellow, green and purple. Put up some murals of castles, princess, angels, carriages and fairies on the walls for a more ethereal effect. Then incorporate jeweled picture frames and other accessories for more effect.

Choose the right upholstery. Purchase a soft cozy bed and puffy mattress for your little bundle of joy. Make sure that your baby sleeps comfortably in her room otherwise its useless giving her her own theme-inspired room.

Add room decors. Buy kids furniture and some knick knacks to make the room more attractive. Load the room with soft toys your little girl can hug. Don't forget to put up dolls.