Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ensuring Internet Safety at Home

The advent of technological breakthroughs like computers and internet connection offer a myriad of advantages. These cutting edge solutions have made life so much easier. These equipments allowed many to accomplish their jobs and provide better services. These, too, have helped many business owners improve their businesses easily. Technological advancements have also helped many families and friends connect with each other - regardless of their geographical locations and differences in time zones. The presence of internet also allowed many to work in the comforts of their homes and continue to earn money while at the same time be able to look after their children. Truly, the internet has opened many possibilities. Now, any one can keep track of their business at nay time of the day. People can now get a grasp of various events from different parts of the world with just a single click at the web.

Despite these advantages, the fact that the internet poses several threats still remain.

A study conducted by the NOP research group reveals that four million children aged seven to seventeen are using the internet. Out from this number, 29 percent would freely divulge some private matters and even provide their home address. Some 14% of these surveyed would also give out their email address, if asked, to complete strangers.

The study further revealed that nine out of ten children aging between 8 and 16 have witnessed pornographic materials through the web. Most of these sites are accessed unintentionally by young internet users while doing research for their homework. Investigations also reveal that at least 26 known popular kid’s characters, like Pok√©mon, My Little Pony and Action Man that shows thousands of links to porn sites. This means that children can easily access sex on the internet and can make these children vulnerable victims of this immorality.

It becomes important then that parents employ safety measures to abridge the threat it bears. The impact of the internet to the lives and morality of each home are at stake. Considering that it is every parent’s role to avoid the treats to happen, here are some helpful tips to do it:

* Teach your children to keep theirs and your homes privacy from total and complete strangers. They should learn not to trust so easily. Most hucksters, stalkers, and bad people employ bobby traps for wary souls.

* Do not allow your kids aged 12 and below to use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitters, et cetera…

* Set the parental mode of your child’s computer. Computer manufacturers ensured a program for parents in every unit. It will keep the children from accessing sites that are not for general audience. Only you can open it using a password. In this process, they need parent’s permission to access those sites.

* Monitor your child’s internet activities through the computer register.

* Read information and be aware of the sites that your family member is visiting and determine whether it’s risky or not.

* Implement ground rules in internet use. Teach them to manage their online time. Agree on the set schedules for research, entertainment and socializing.

* Teach you kids proper and polite internet use and how to be safe citizens in the internet. Make them learn the good ways of saying thank you and please in conversing with other people in the net.

The tips mentioned are practically easier said than done. Try your best to make your home safer.