Monday, January 31, 2011

Outsourcing and its Implication

Outsourcing remains a phenomenon, continually evolving at a very fast pace and is expected to maneuver many more businesses across the globe. To some analysts, this is largely because of the promising growth of information technology – a key factor in globalization. Outsourcing non-core activities like back office jobs to an outsource SEO staff, for instance, helps multinational companies keep their edge in the cut throat competition. Most companies turn to outsourcing to cut costs and improve services at the same time. But then again, there are also companies who outsource simply because that is what their rival companies are doing.

To put it simply, outsourcing is not always a win-win strategy. Ask several business owners who have tried outsourcing and you will soon discover that the business strategy has many downsides, many of which tend to go unnoticed. An example of the downsides of outsourcing lies on the policies of first world nations like the US and the United Kingdom. As we all might know it, these nations have nothing but sloppy policies on outsourcing. A large number of companies from these nations tend to outsource simply because they are forced to believe that outsourcing is their only alternative. Many of these companies are made to believe that leveraging their competencies will help them reduce expenses. This is where fair playing ground for both outsourcing companies and outsource destinations is at risk.

Leveraging competencies to outsourcing SEO services providers that are usually located in third world countries certainly benefits many, but what about the first world nations? First world nations are not at all spared from unrest and they also need assurance of better services and improved businesses. Any outsourcing company has to see to it that they select an offshore destination that features good governance, excellent communication facilities, great culture, and a vast knowledge and expertise. Companies that outsource also need to ensure that they deal with a provider that guarantees better products and services at affordable rates.

Other drawbacks of outsourcing include reduced motivation and decline in services. Employees who work in an organization that is already outsourcing tend to fear job losses. Why not, the thought of a company closing deals with an outsource SEO consultant increases the risk of an employee being sacked in favor of an outsource SEO staff who can possibly provide the same services at a much lower price.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Captive Centers in Focus

Several business analysts thought that offshore destinations or simply
captive centers would vanish soon. Why not? World-renowned companies like
the Citigroup, Unilever, Deutsche Bank, Dell and other Fortune 500
companies have already shut down their own offshore service centers last

Research claims that many at least 60% of all companies that maintain
offshore locations or is into outsourcing decided to cut their ties with
an offshore outsource SEO provider because these outsourced providers have
failed some expectations.

On a different view, other companies remained unthreatened. Many
entrepreneurs decided to get in touch with firms that offer high quality
SEO consultation services at affordable rates. On the fourth quarter of
2009, for instance, 40 new wholly-owned captive centers or offshore
outsourcing locations were launched and up until this time, many other
companies have already set up new ones.

But what really is an outsourced captive center or offshore outsourcing
destination? A captive center is one of the many outsourcing models
available these days. Like other outsourcing SEO services, this model has
its own advantages and disadvantages, and should be carefully chosen
depending on the needs and requirements of the outsourcing company.

Today, offshore outsourcing is expected to last a long time even with the
maturation of the offshore IT services industry.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Giant Tech Vendor HTC to Venture in Outsourcing

The Taiwan-based High Tech Computer Corp (HTC) is now planning to get the
in touch with an outsource production team that would help them further
improve their capacity and leadership in the industry. Reports have it
that the demand for HTC products are explosively increasing over the years
and outsourcing SEO services is one of the best business solutions to meet
such overwhelming demand. For the record, HTC is a globally leading vendor
of smartphones.

The CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, disclosed that HTC now have its factories in
Taiwan and mainland China. With the additional factories, the company now
hopes to double its monthly outputs to 2 million units. Developments in
the said firm does not end there yet as the global leader is now building
its own office building at its plant in Taiwan’s northern county of

Despite the expanded output of HTC, the firm remains worried that they
still might not be able to meet the strong demands for smartphones. Many
believe, this is the reasons why HTC actually has been into outsourcing
productions with several top-notch EMS (electronic manufacturing service)
firms, including Pegatron Corp., Wistron Corp., Foxconn Technology Co.,
Ltd. and Flextronics International Ltd., on the firm`s supplier candidate

The company’s CEO disclosed that HTC is planning to outsource a part of
its production to third party organizations for maximum operation
efficiency. The executive, did not point out how the firm and its partners
will work with each other, or set a timetable for the plan for far.

HTC makes the hot-selling Desire HD phones. The company is hoping to ship
at least expecting 8.5 million smart phones and hit a sales revenue of
NT$94 billion for the first quarter of this year, markedly up 157% and
147%, respectively, from a year earlier, with the gross profit rate to
reach the level of 29-30% and quarterly EPS (earnings per share) to amount
to NT$15-16.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Outsourcing is an Excellent Business Solution

Business owners these days face even greater challenges to stay ahead of
the game. There is the need to regularly upgrade technologies; there is
the incessant demand to provide employees more trainings and workshops so
they can be competitive players in the industry. Business owners also need
to comply with employment laws that appear to be getting more complicated
and more critical as days pass. To hurdle these and many other issues,
companies can only think of utilizing business solutions that work.

An example of a proven effective business solution is outsourcing non-core
tacks and activities to a reliable outsourcing SEO services provider.
Defined as the process of leveraging internal job processes to a third
party that usually comes from a different geographical location,
outsourcing guarantee cost savings on technologies and access to an
unlimited number of professionals. Outsourcing SEO services providers
offer their expertise at a much lower price. These companies typically
handle back end jobs like data entry, medical transcription, payroll
processing, and customer services.

Outsourcing companies like SEO Company Philippines provides entrepreneurs
an opportunity to tap the expertise of a blended workforce consisting of
permanent employees, consultants, independent contractors, and contingent
workers without increasing their budgets for additional manpower,
workstations, trainings and other expenditures typical when hiring new
staff on board. These and many other benefits of outsourcing have made the
practice of outsourcing an excellent business solution.

But ideal as outsourcing sounds, outsourcing is bombarded with a growing
set of challenges regarding compliance with employment laws and
regulations. Companies who delegate their non-core activities to
outsourcing SEO services providers need to comply with an evolving network
of employment laws and regulations and have to further introduce new
levels of sophistication and comprehensive oversight in their compliance
efforts. This way, outsourcing companies are not at risk of scrutiny for
labor practices. In a sense, companies that outsource have to see to it
that the business they deal with classify, treat, and pay their workforce

Friday, January 21, 2011

Points to Consider when Selecting an Outsource SEO Provider

• Choose from a wide array of outsourcing resources.

There are hundreds of firms that provide SEO consultation services and
thousand others that provide a myriad of outsourced services such as back
office jobs, IT web design, accounting and many others. When choosing an
outsource SEO provider, consider several points such as the kind of
service your company actually requires, the amount of money you can invest
in outsourcing and the professional expertise of your chosen provider. It
is also important to take note that even search engine optimization
companies can also go bankrupt that would leave your own business
disrupted. In this case, see to it that you choose a reliable, well
established outsource SEO provider.

• Forge partnership with an accessible outsource SEO provider.

As much as possible, make it a point to settle with an outsourcing SEO
services provider that you can always access and communicate to anytime.
This should not be a problem to entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage
of outsourcing because most service providers now work their way up to
ensure better relationship with their clients by ensuring open
communication. Most SEO company Philippines, for instance, are accessible
by email, phone, and even text messages. These outsourcing companies also
feature customer service representatives who are responsible for all calls
and queries from existing and would-be customers.

• Consider not only the cost of outsourcing.

All right, outsourcing is generally employed to save costs. Companies seek
outsourcing SEO services not only to free up some tasks and lighten the
load of their employees but also to cut overhead costs. And to be able to
achieve this economic goal, companies usually settle with an outsourced
provider that offers their services at very low costs. Apparently, it has
been found out that many companies end up losing their investment and not
getting the best from outsourcing because they have been too resolute to
team up with very affordable SEO services. The point is that some
outsource providers that most affordable services provide less quality

• Be open and try to appreciate other cultures.

Regardless of the location of your chosen outsourcing SEO services
provider, try your best to learn about and appreciate other cultures. Be
patient and flexible so that you don’t run at risk of creating unhealthy
business relationship with your outsourced provider.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Social Networking and Its Impact to your Business

Social networking offers great potential for business improvement. This
online activity that depends on social networking sites like Facebook,
Twitter, Multiply, and Friendster among others, offers several business
advantages. Research suggests that social networking encourages knowledge
sharing, fuels innovation and can possibly boost productivity.

At present, almost every company now uses social networking technologies.
A very recent survey revealed that most companies now utilize social
networking not only as a strategy to further advance their business
interest but also to serve other purposes. Take for instance the case of
many outsourcing SEO services providers scattered across the world. These
outsourced services providers turn to social networking as a means to
communicate with both employees and clients. Social networking sites are
now used to collaborate with different stakeholders using instant
messaging features and other sorts of technology-facilitated social

However, unfettered social networking especially employees can also lead
to a concomitant of risks. It can possibly send the wrong kind of messages
to the world. Haphazard social networking may also result to confusion
among existing customers and can possibly compromise a company’s brand.

Irresponsible use of social networking technologies can possibly lead to
leaks of confidential information, damage to the company’s reputation, and
decline of employee productivity.

Another study disclosed that social networking brews up several other
risks like security of contents uploaded on social networking sites,
proliferation of many other new social networking sites, and monitoring of
contents uploaded by each member. There is also the threat of uneven and
inaccurate spread of information across many other sites. Not to mention
the fact that social networking sites allow individuals to ask and
generate job recommendations that later end up mistakenly perceived as
endorsements by an organization.

Large scale companies, in particular, tend to experience the downsides of
social networking, Given the fact that large companies need more
technologies, they become targets of competitors trying to glean into
their trade secrets. Many believe that this is primarily because social
networking sites used by many large scale companies feature more people
who can be tapped for greater productivity and better business economics.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Drive More Traffic to your Site

There is but one way to gain more profit from your website: to attract
more traffic to your site and convert these traffic to customers.
Apparently, it is very evident that many online entrepreneurs do not
really know how to go about with the methods of generating and converting
visits to customers. Here are eight ways that are proven to drive more
online visits to your site:

1. Buy traffic with Google Adwords and other pay per click search engines.
These methods, although requiring some amount of money, keeps your site up
and running competitively within less than an hour. Online entrepreneurs
wanting to use this strategy only need to sign up an account at create a campaign and an ad group, put in some keywords, and
your ad will soon start showing up on major search engines with 10 to 20

2. Optimize your site for search engines. This is not as costly as pay per
click method but this one takes a lot of time and dedication. Also
referred to as search engine optimization or simply SEO, this method
requires keyword research, a task that aims to identify keywords to focus
on and targeting keywords that make money. You can do this by using Google
Adwords. The moment you identify your keywords, you can now start driving
traffic to your site.article marketing,

3. Engage in article marketing. Write articles and submit these to
different article submission sites. With this method, you present yourself
to webmasters who are actually looking for articles they can find and put
in their websites. This enables you to be displayed and featured on
various websites. See to it that your articles a contain resource box that
feature links to your site. The links will help you improve your
visibility in major search engine landing pages and will further generate
traffic to your site.

4. Create and submit press releases. Press releases are more likely to be
picked up by major publications, and similar to articles, can also
generate more traffic to your site.

5. Set up and maintain a blog. Blogs are excellent traffic generators
because they provide fresh content and these are also available through
RSS feeds. Blogs are also search engine friendly because these allow
webmasters to post your blog on their own sites, in effect increasing
traffic to your site. Beginners on blogging can use Google free service
which is while others can also use another free blogging
service which is

6. Engage in offline advertising. Do not be too focused in online
marketing. Consider the old traditional way of advertising your products
and services.

7. Use viral products. E-books, movies, and other free downloadable items
tend to pass around more quickly than anything else. Other viral products
you can use include publications of the results of an interesting contest
you initiated for your customers. In case you don’t know how to create and
use viral products, search the internet for resources and discover how
this can help you improve your business.

8. Sign up on affiliate programs. Affiliate programs allow business owners
to have an army of people sending traffic to your site and paying them
only when they make a sale. Clickbank is an example of an affiliate
program if you are business focuses on electronic products while Clickbank,
Commission Junction is home to affiliates that sell physical products.