Thursday, November 25, 2010

Social Media Marketing Statistics for 2010

Social media marketing is one of the latest widely used online marketing strategy these days. Why not? Millions of people are now glued to various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and popular sites. Who would not be enticed to these sites? These social networking sites are free to use, easy to navigate, and is a fantastic avenue for marketing products and services. Sites such as those
mentioned are frequented by thousands of users from across the world every minute of the day making these a potential avenue to drive more traffic to a business website.

The blog Web Strategist posted an interesting and updated statistics on social networking. The stats revealed that Facebook which overtook MySpace in 2009 is yet to be outnumbered by any other site these days. Facebook is said to have more or less 40o million unique and active users in Feb2010. While MySpace continue to be a leading network with more than 57 million unique users from the US alone, other popular sites such as Tagged, Hi5, MyYearbook and Bebo generate at least 3-6 million unique visits each month.

A survey conducted by Nielsen appears to substantiate mentioned statistics when it disclosed that the three most popular social media sites are Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia. Social media sites these days get as much as 22 percent of all time online.

LinkedIn, a site founded by Reid Hoffman, increased its users from 55 million in December 2009 to 60 million in less than two months. LinkedIn now have at least 67 million users, including Fortune500 companies. Tagged is reported to have a total of 100 million registered users, 6 million of which are monthly unique visitors from the US. Its “Meet Me” application reportedly draws 40 million daily page

Twitter claims to have at least 105 million unique users and to generate at least 55 million tweets a day, or an average of 600 tweets per second. The site generates at least 3 billion requests a day via its API and at least 600 million search queries per day. 37% of Twitter users use their mobile phones to tweet.

Imagine the massive market you can reach out to when you use social media networking as part of your marketing strategy. Take advantage of these sites now and on your way to a more productive marketing stint. Take note that these sites mentioned are only some of the most popular ones you can get involved

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Protect your Child from Cyberbullying

The Internet is not always useful. When used without care, this technology can also cause massive trauma in a person. Take for example the case of highly publicized deaths of Tyler Clemente and Phoebe Prince and many other kids who committed suicide after being bullied in school and on various online sites.

Cyberbullying is an issue that should not be overlooked. This problem involves sending out hurtful messages that are likely to cause suicide among children who believe that suicide is the only alternative to escape from the pain inflicted in them via electronic media.

Statistics from the National Crime Prevention Council survey revealed that:

• 43% said they'd been cyberbullied last year;

• 96% have an email account;

• 43% said "their parents usually know what they're doing online" but have no online use rules.

• 27% said their parents don't know what they're doing online; and

• Only 23% have and follow their parents' rules.

The survey conducted on 1500 teens further disclosed that 81% of cyberbullies think their actions are rather funny and those perpetrators…

• Don't consider cyberbullying a big deal;

• Fail to consider the consequences;

• Are encouraged by their friends;

• Figure they won't get caught.

And so many kids are involved. Another survey carried out by revealed that:

• 42% of kids have been bullied online; 25% said it's happened more than once.

• 35% have been threatened online; for almost 20%, that's happened more than once.

• 21% have received mean or threatening emails or other messages.

• 58% admit someone said mean or hurtful things to them online; more than 40% said it had happened more than once.

• 53% admitted saying something mean or hurtful to someone online, with 33% doing so more than once.

• 58% of bullied kids admit they'd never confided in a parent or other adult.

Online cruelty occurs in many social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace which are heavily frequented by children and teens. Another site called Burnbook which calls itself "a social utility that allows you to gossip about the people in your life while staying completely anonymous" is a potential area for cyberbullying.

Fortunately, the issue on cyberbullying is not at all overlooked by several cause-oriented groups and even the US President Barack Obama who said "You are not alone. You didn't do anything wrong. You didn't do anything to deserve being bullied. And there is a whole world waiting for you, filled with possibilities. There are people out there who love you and care about you just the way you are. And so, if you ever feel like because of bullying, because of what people are saying, that you're getting down on yourself, you've got to make sure to reach out to people you trust. Whether it's your parents, teachers, folks that you know care about you just the way you are. You've got to reach out to them; don't feel like you're in this by yourself."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 16 is a special non-working holiday

President Benigno "Pnoy" Aquino have declared November 16, 2010 a special non-working holiday. If I should say it, you might have no idea why he declared such day as a holiday. PNoy deemed it proper that Filipinos be one with the Muslims on celebrating an important Islamic celebration which falls on that day - The Festival of the Sacrifice or otherwise called Eid al-Adha.

Here a glimpse of the Proclamation No.60 declaring Tuesday next week as a special non-working holiday.

Wikipedia defines Eid al-Adha or "Greater Eid" as the celebration of the Muslims to commemorate the willingness of Abraham (Ibrahim) to sacrifice his son Ishmael (Isma'il) as an act of obedience to God, but instead was able to sacrifice a ram (by God's command). It marks the end of the Pilgrimage to sundown, and ask God for forgiveness.

Muslims all over the world offer prayers and would sacrifice a cow, goat, sheep, or a camel on this day. They would also give gifts to poor people.