Saturday, March 19, 2011

Outsourcing Management Tips

Let’s face it: Not all outsource projects work as expected. There are times when companies do not get the right service or product they require from their outsource SEO staff. Take for instance those entrepreneurs who outsource their software development tasks. Many of these firms end up getting software that does not really work. On worse cases, these companies sometimes even end up not getting what they have actually paid for. These and many nightmares of outsourcing are only some of the many things that entrepreneurs wish to avoid.

In all these, it appears that many clients are reluctant to leverage because of several reasons. There are those who shuns the thought of getting in touch with an outsource SEO consultant because of fears that they might just end up with a bad offshore vendor. Many others deviate from the idea of leveraging competencies because the vendor might not be able to manage the work effectively. Others have these lingering worries about getting less quality service and products.

Online marketing who had already tried to leverage their expertise shares the following outsourcing management tips:

* Track milestones. See to it that you have a well-prepared plan that includes estimates and schedules. Make sure your selected vendor and your entire outsource SEO staff is aware of they so they know what to accomplish within each time frame. Hired parties should commit to the dates of completion of each milestone. Modify milestones only when necessary and when you notice your hired staff has a hard time meeting it.
* Track requirements. Check quality of products or services you require from your provider. See to it that these contain features you require.
* Regularly monitor outsourcing progress. Communicate with your hired third movers on a regular basis. Get in touch with them on a regular basis. Exchange emails and/or conference calls on specific days to ensure that operations are doing well and issues are resolved immediately.
* Keep building. If you leverage software design, see to it that a system is put in place to compile and build such project every time you check into the source file. This will help you address problems the moment they occur and will eventually help you avoid delayed software release.
* Test-drive. Require unit tests from your outsourced SEO consultant and staff. Create tests before you eventually ask them to implement the features you desire. This will help your hired parties understand better what you really want from them. Tests will also serve as your basis when checking for system functionality.
* Demand high quality service. This will help set high levels of functionality and quality for your end-users. See to it that all features you demand are well within each product.
* Collaborate with your SEO consultation services provider. This will help you resolve potential issues. While it is true that it can be hard to regularly meet with your outsourced staff especially if they are located in another continent or country, don’t fret. Instead, learn to keep in touch with them using technologies like the internet. Send emails or instant messages to address issues. Use online telecommunication tools like Skype, Yahoo Messenger or Google Talk for free.

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