Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to Select the Right PPC Keywords

How to Select the Right PPC Keywords

Professional search engine optimization specialists are more likely to tell you that the keywords you use for your online marketing campaign can either make or break your overall online business plan. Why? Keywords act as the nerve center of practically all paid search campaigns. These keywords either pull or drive off potential customers who visit your site or simply do their search in various search engines.

A recently published article in Search Engine Watch likens a keyword list to a garden - where the website owner is the gardener. The entry emphasized the importance of planting the right keywords at the proper time in order to yield wonderful results. It also suggested that website owners carefully select keywords and be on guard. Unnecessary keywords, according to the author, has to be culled out so that what remains are the thriving ones.

Here are five tips that will help you get better yields than weeds when selecting search words/ keywords for your paid search.

1. Research.

Knowing that keywords are critical to the success of your marketing campaign, be careful not to take selection lightly. Consider seasonality, competition and geographic variance. Use online tools such as Google Insights to help you learn and understand the new keywords that are being searched on. This tool provides a good sense of new variants that you you can add to your list and possibly help you get ahead of your competitors.

2. Find the right match.

Make it a point to use the right keywords so that your campaign is on top of the list the moment consumers start searching for something on any of the popular search engines. Also take advantage of search query report to comb through other keyword variations that will help you gain additional insights for your business.

3. Consider the customer's search experience across devices.

Take note that search queries can come from a wide array of devices. Studies show that 10 to 15 % of search volume comes from mobile phones and tablets. Given this fact, it is important to remember how consumers search differently with the use of various devices.

4. Experiment and try using new Google Betas.

Bear in mind that change is the only thing that is constant within search. The most searched keywords today may no longer work in the next few weeks or months; the most popular keywords tomorrow might not be in any of your lists today, so you might as well review your lists and make sure you have what most consumers are currently looking for. Get the most out of the world wide web by using keyword targeting enhancements.

5. Keep going.

Remember that everything within and about your online marketing campaigns keep changing - including your customers and algorithms. With that in mind, NEVER forget your keyword list. Review your search and discover which keywords really work and pull out those that do not seem to bring in customers. Never be oblivious of the current data from your campaigns.

How to Select the Right PPC Keywords

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